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Hear me ROAR!!

Hey Moms and Wives!! It's been a little while I blogged about anything, and that's just been due to a number of things. I haven't exactly had much motivation to write lately, even though I have loads to blog about, I pick up my laptop to begin, but drop it after three lines. So I guess you could say I had a ''bloggers block'' lol as a friend told me today. Lately I noticed how much my confidence has dropped, since having our son who is now twenty months old. I am about to go back to work, which I'm so nervous about. I've been questioning myself as to how will I handle being back to working in a new environment, new processes, new people, being able to deliver successful projects and results. Most especially, how do I handle being without my son for an entire day, be a good and hands on wife, a full time Mom and still maintain my sanity of looking after me? I am fully aware a lot of Moms do all, I mean my blog says ''Tenacious, strong and be…