When I found out I was pregnant, I had a major mix of emotions. I was ecstatic, over the moon, I danced around so much in my head, but i was also scared, nervous, surprised to say the least. Remember my post on ''First year of being a wife''? It took me such a long time to come to the realisation, and acceptance that I was creating a new life inside little old me. Tons of questions plagued my mind; I'm I ready to be a Mom? will I make a great Mom? how will i deal with labour? I thought I knew all the answers to the questions before we conceived, but the minute it all sank in that I was really pregnant, I got flooded with questions in my head.

Just so I was fully convinced, I took five pregnancy test with Clearblue digital pregnancy test kit. At the time I thought i was going nuts taking numerous tests, pssssttt.. little secret- ''I enjoyed taking the tests''.lol. I waited endlessly for my bump to reveal itself. Like it or not I still wasn't convinced I was pregnant.. crazy I know.

I slowly began to come to terms with being pregnant the first time I had ''Morning sickness'' Now I'm sure a lot of you Moms know this, but Morning sickness isn't just for the Mornings, it comes at any given time in the day. I was exhausted from my mission to the bathroom, felt like I had just been run over. My first trimester was excruciatingly slow, I was irritable, sick, I could barely get out of bed. The worse part? I had to get rid of my reed diffusers and scented candles because I couldn't stand the scent in my home. Funny thing; My perfumes never bothered me...phewww! Second trimester was a breeze...I enjoyed every moment of looking at my precious bump... Oh may i brag about how beautiful and stretch mark free my belly was? Thanks Mamas; I just did.. :) My midwife admired it at every antenatal appointment, okay okay! I'm done bragging Lol... I was able to eat as I pleased, although still did not use my candles, and on the few occasions, I had bouts of nausea, I'd dip my nose into a jar of coffee.... apparently it works, not necessarily for everyone though.

Oh! how excited I was to start shopping for everything baby...Ps-Did I mention I was pregnant all through the summer? Hubby and I visited Mothercare (always the first stop for most Moms to be), kiddicare, Mamas and Papas. The most exciting was the hunt for our Travel system, we visited stores to get a feel of so many different products, nothing felt right...till one night I made it my mission to find one whilst in bed. My laptop and my heart sang ''Hallelujah''!! We found the one!. It was the Concord Neo travel set, in plum, It was just perfect and cosy for our little one.

Fast forward to my due date, well as some of you Moms might have experienced, I went way past my due date. Impatience became my new name, I couldn't wait to meet this bundle of joy. Oh how I waited for my water to break, for the labour pains to kick in, but non ever came. My sister once advised me to eat lots of pineapple; it was meant to help induce my labour, again I was told to eat lots of food with pepper, I went for long walks, which i turned into power walks, I danced round the house, and then finally i cried. Why wasn't anything happening??! Hey remember when you are due and the baby is yet to arrive and everyone keeps calling to check if it has happened? Yeah.....add that frustration to the non show of baby I was already dealing with. My husband would massage me all over, rub my feet with oil, cook me breakfast in bed, get me Iced cold orange juice....He was(always) really supportive and encouraging, bless him. As you could imagine we couldn't wait for our little one to grace us with his presence.

I was to be induced two weeks after my due date, we went to the hospital, the lovely midwife began the process at 7pm, which was rather unpleasant. So 24 hours later, we expected I'd be dilated up to 4-6 cm at the very least right? Wrong! Yours truly was only 1 cm!! And my goodness did it hurt! I remember saying to my husband and my midwife; ''If this is the pain for 1cm? Then I'm not interested to know what 8-9 cm was going to be'' I cried even more, not due to the mere 1cm labour pain, but the fact that my body (hormones) wasn't responding. I had never felt so much guilt in my life, like i did that day. I had such a blissful risk free pregnancy, suddenly all changes at the 9th hour? They had to stop the Induction, seeing it wasn't working, and hoped, labour will come in full force perhaps? Again, wrong! at 1pm I was taken into the delivery room, everyone scrambling around the room.

Then something funny happened; A senior consultant walked in, spoke briefly to the scrambling team in the room, approached me whilst I was in bed, gave a short stiff smile (out of courtesy i suppose?), raised my legs....and know? did his investigative analysis, whilst rolling his eyes left to right in the air, everyone else stood still, waiting for his judgement, he took his hands out and screamed theatre!! '' All cylinders people, Let's GO!'' LOL No he didn't actually say that, but I did an Olivia Pope in my head.. The scrambling team suddenly became robots, a different Dr approached me with documents to sign, which read Cesarean, and the rest was a blur, but I had to sign. I got scared, and had a little tear, I did not get a chance to absorb this decision, and I knew I didn't have the time to wallow either. I trusted God, I trusted my team, so In we went. Everyone was amazing, I was made to feel relaxed and at ease, they made so much jokes I laughed hard...I looked at my husband, he gave me an assuring look, smiled back and clasped my hands in his. Within five minutes of entering the theatre, I was laid on my back, another five of tugging and pulling, and he arrived. In all it took 15 minutes between the scrambling team in the delivery room and us meeting our heartbeat. He came out all bright eyed and ready for the world.

Ever been in a happy, grateful, situation were you are too speechless and can't react? So overwhelmed yet can't move? All you have are hot tears streaming down your face? That was me...He was perfect beyond words, I felt whole, I felt absolute completeness. My joy knew no bound, he was strong, healthy and beautiful.

Share your pregnancy and delivery journey, what were your challenges and happy moments? How did you DIY your labour to come? Happy reading lovelies.


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