Let's get on the Potty Train Ride...Chuga Choo Choo!!

Nothing to see here!!

When is the best time to Potty train your little one? A friend asked me...and almost immediately I took a quick look at my son, (Almost like I forgot his age for a second) He is 18 and half months, and as his Momma, I believe he is ready. I mean the little man follows he's daddy to the toilet, and watches...lol He finds the toilet fascinating- you can read ''Help, Toilet fingers'' on my Archive.

Personally, I believe when your little one begins showing signs, which really could kick off at anytime, as its a bit tricky to put a specific age on Potty Training...Some are early starters, others just take their time.., like ''Hey Momma?! I'm not in a rush, so chill''

They say there are a few tell tale signs to look out for according to Baby Center  https://www.babycenter.com/0_tips-for-potty-training-boys_11652.bc:

  • Let him watch and learn
  • Teach him to seat first
  • Buy the right equipment 
Since my snookums started to show signs and a whole lot of interest at 17+months, we decided to purchase Joy Baby Potty Training Urinal for Boys on Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Joy-Baby-Generation-Urinal-Training/dp/B01G2J678G . We started using it a week ago, and he loves it!! why? Because he gets to be like Daddy! Lol...  Well we are still struggling with the Aim and fire bit, so we're working hard on that. No pressure what's so ever, we just get excited seeing how giddy he gets trying to use it. The Joy Baby Urinal unit, is pretty colourful, and fun.., everything a little one wants half the time. 

He has also got the Poo Potty, for..you know? life's little emergencies.. Sadly Joy Baby Urinal is currently out of stock on Amazon, but you can find it on Giggles and Pebbles https://gigglesandpebbles.com/products/joy-baby-potty-training-urinal-for-boys-whale?variant=24576203142 

If your little munchkin has already begun the Potty Train ride, then share your experience in the comment section below with me and other Moms...what tricks did you use? what challenges did you face? was it easy brezzy lemon squeezy for your little one? Happy reading Momma!



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