Help! Toilet Fingers!

Once they find their feet, (not the "I'm having my diaper change feet in the mouth stage..No,) I mean walking/running... suddenly they think they are Usain Bolt juniors...My son takes off in nano seconds, its shocking.. he's favourite discovery? My toilet.. 😭Yucky right?! He sticks he's fingers in the toilet, with so much amusement on his

Its a very common phase with little ones, It's one of the few moments the house is silent.. the minute i realise he's gone? You don't have to tell me twice., my Usain Bolt kicks in hard!. Guess what he tells me once I find him? He's tiny finger in the air and him shaking his head, saying " No no no" 

Ps. Moms? Watch out for the sudocrem cleansing...Yes! i call it cleansing, because it goes everywhere- face,mouth,fingers, hair, carpet, beddings, and their favourite? the TV..!  
Be afraid, be very afraid!. i don't have to mention it... the picture says it all..But here you go- Baby Proof your toilets!!!... you can find baby proof kits online and in stores, Amazon, ebay, tesco etc. Enjoy the moments mama...they are precious..  

Remember, do not hesitate to comment, and share stories of your little munchkins....


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