Lopsided, After Nursing?

Week in week out, weekends mostly, I struggle beyond words on what to wear…it’s driving me nuts. The culprit? My huge breast!!! The sad part(I laugh and cry when I think about it and look at it) one  is bigger than the other, many thanks to my wonderful son in whom I’m well pleased, he favours one to the other…
It all started when our son was born, like many moms i experienced the struggle of breastfeeding my new born, we couldn’t latch on for a couple of days. Eventually after continuous efforts, he latched on perfectly to the left breast. Of course i was over the moon, i tried to switch to the right breast, he latched on, but didnt last too long…you get the gist right? he suckles more on the left breast…hence my Lopsided left breast.. lol
Since having our boy, It takes me longer to figure out what to wear. I remember crying one night, trying to raid my wardrobe on what to wear against the next day, i tried on eight outfits, but non was suitable due to my huge breast.. 😦 Anyway…for more info if you suffer with a lopsided breast, or your little one prefers one to the other, visit  http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/lopsided/
Breastfeeding is an incredible way to bond with your baby, of course some moms cannot breastfeed their babies, and for many and good reasons. Before we conceived our son, i use to be a little judgy of other moms who didnt breastfeed, till i watched a documentry about the stigmatisation some moms deal with due to not breastfeeding, and it completly changed my perspective. https://youtu.be/2K18y1W2Lek
Share your breastfeeding experience, or your Lopsidedness..  🙂


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