Let's talk Cravings

Every Pregnant woman has her own weird cravings, and totally different to the next Mom to be. I sure had mine...and it was extra extra spicy food, Mcdonalds breakfast, Ice, super chilled orange juice. Our taste buds just decide what they like and can't stand...its incredible, this thing called pregnancy,

Digressing a little: I remember having to get rid of all my scented candles, and diffusers that i have always been obsessed with... but couldn't stand the smell anymore, Even after getting rid of them during my first trimester, the smell lingered for months.. Being pregnant leaves you at the mercy of your taste buds and heightened sense of smell ...

Visit: http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/symptoms-and-solutions/cravings-and-aversions.aspx for more information on cravings and Aversions

Leave your comments below, and share your craving and Aversion experiences with me and other Moms.


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