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Hear me ROAR!!

Hey Moms and Wives!! It's been a little while I blogged about anything, and that's just been due to a number of things. I haven't exactly had much motivation to write lately, even though I have loads to blog about, I pick up my laptop to begin, but drop it after three lines. So I guess you could say I had a ''bloggers block'' lol as a friend told me today. Lately I noticed how much my confidence has dropped, since having our son who is now twenty months old. I am about to go back to work, which I'm so nervous about. I've been questioning myself as to how will I handle being back to working in a new environment, new processes, new people, being able to deliver successful projects and results. Most especially, how do I handle being without my son for an entire day, be a good and hands on wife, a full time Mom and still maintain my sanity of looking after me? I am fully aware a lot of Moms do all, I mean my blog says ''Tenacious, strong and be…

He Proposed!, I'm getting Married..!!!

I guess he knew I was ''the one'' the minute we met. But how did we meet? Hmmmm.. Well my dears, let me tell you a story. It was:

June 22nd 2012, 1pm.
Location: My sister's house
Event: Nephew's 2nd Birthday

My sister and I were prepping for the arrival of guests, we were cooking, decorations, making gift bags, you know the lot. We looked a hot mess, tired, smelly, hot. So being the host, I asked her to have a quick shower, as guest were starting to arrive and I could finish up with the cleaning. I was just rounding up with the tidying up when the door bell rang, another guest obviously. I opened the door, and there he was... Tall, dark, clean shaved, smelled so good. And yours truly? Dirty, hot mess, hair wrapped in a scarf, food fume for perfume...Lol Oh! How embarrassing!! Before I go any further, my sister and her husband had been trying to play cupid between myself and this stranger at the door... He had seen pictures of me, but I had no idea what he look…


When I found out I was pregnant, I had a major mix of emotions. I was ecstatic, over the moon, I danced around so much in my head, but i was also scared, nervous, surprised to say the least. Remember my post on ''First year of being a wife''? It took me such a long time to come to the realisation, and acceptance that I was creating a new life inside little old me. Tons of questions plagued my mind; I'm I ready to be a Mom? will I make a great Mom? how will i deal with labour? I thought I knew all the answers to the questions before we conceived, but the minute it all sank in that I was really pregnant, I got flooded with questions in my head.

Just so I was fully convinced, I took five pregnancy test with Clearblue digital pregnancy test kit. At the time I thought i was going nuts taking numerous tests, pssssttt.. little secret- ''I enjoyed taking the tests&#…

First year of Marriage chronicles: Pick your Battles

I have been married to my Amazing hubby for two years plus now, and I can say for definite the beginning of our Marriage journey was no walk in the park. You know how everyone believes they have an opinion and tell you what to do, what not to do, how to handle your husband blah blah...Well I did get all that advice and more.

I remember my oldest sister saying to me a couple of weeks to my wedding ''You two will fight a day to your wedding, you'd want to rip his head off his neck, you will reach a point were you might not want the wedding to hold''  I looked at her in shock, like really though??! Lol. But she was right, because we did have a squabble a night to our wedding, and boy! was I exhausted and needed sleep so bad,? I was scared of morning eye bags, but i was also glad she told me ahead of time.

Ever heard the ''Honeymoon phase''? Well you either have it after your wedding ceremony, all rosy, lovey dovey period, or you get the ''Argg…

Let's get on the Potty Train Ride...Chuga Choo Choo!!

When is the best time to Potty train your little one? A friend asked me...and almost immediately I took a quick look at my son, (Almost like I forgot his age for a second) He is 18 and half months, and as his Momma, I believe he is ready. I mean the little man follows he's daddy to the toilet, and He finds the toilet fascinating- you can read ''Help, Toilet fingers'' on my Archive.

Personally, I believe when your little one begins showing signs, which really could kick off at anytime, as its a bit tricky to put a specific age on Potty Training...Some are early starters, others just take their time.., like ''Hey Momma?! I'm not in a rush, so chill''

They say there are a few tell tale signs to look out for according to Baby Center

Let him watch and learnTeach him to seat firstBuy the right equipment  Since my snookums started to show signs and a whole lot of interes…

My First Year of Being a Wife

My hubby laughs at me every time we have this conversation, thought I'd share it with you, especially to the very newly wedded wives.
We both have always worked very hard, our daily grinde was second to none, so we get to meet most weekends. On the few occasions I spend the weekend at his. (Heads up- I am African, Nigerian to be precise- I can't speak for all, but where I'm from you do not live with a man, till he does the needful- put's a ring on it, meets the parents, and wedding) It was always nice to get away from the norm for two days, so come Sunday evening, I'm headed back to my Parent's, or I head to work on Monday morning, then back to my Parent's after work. 
After getting married, I moved into his house (where i now call home). It was exciting, I was buzzing from being newly wedded, making plans in my head to redecorate, not sharing my space with my baby sister..pheewww! and of course being adventrous in the kitchen, and you knowww??
Then came (…

Lopsided, After Nursing?

Week in week out, weekends mostly, I struggle beyond words on what to wear…it’s driving me nuts. The culprit? My huge breast!!! The sad part(I laugh and cry when I think about it and look at it) one  is bigger than the other, many thanks to my wonderful son in whom I’m well pleased, he favours one to the other… It all started when our son was born, like many moms i experienced the struggle of breastfeeding my new born, we couldn’t latch on for a couple of days. Eventually after continuous efforts, he latched on perfectly to the left breast. Of course i was over the moon, i tried to switch to the right breast, he latched on, but didnt last too long…you get the gist right? he suckles more on the left breast…hence my Lopsided left breast.. lol Since having our boy, It takes me longer to figure out what to wear. I remember crying one night, trying to raid my wardrobe on what to wear against the next day, i tried on eight outfits, but non was suitable due to my huge breast..  Anyway…for m…

About Wives & Mommas

Welcome beautiful Wives and mommies!! I’m a new wife.. well if you call being married for two and half years new…then yeah  and a mommy for 18months and counting…Phewww! I bet you yummy mommies will agree with me when i say that’s the most challenging part of our lives, but of course the most beautiful and incredible moments we will not change anything for.  We do it all, some of us are career women, mothers, wives, cook, clean, shop, lift your little one with one hand whilst holding grocery bags with the other..i know i certainly do that half the time….I’ll be sharing my random thoughts and every day experience with you all,..So lets begin..

How do you hold him down?

Date Nights? Great communicator? Good listener? I could go on....Being a Wife, Sister, Mom, Aunt comes with a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. But for now I'll stick to Wifely duties.... When you're unwell, you don't get a chance to actually nurse yourself, or even cuddle under the duvet and just you know? be unwell.. You know why?! Because we have to still look after our men and little ones.

Ever find yourself a little unwell and have things to do round the house? Cook, Clean, laundry, Change diapers etc....But if like me you like to do everything yourself, simply because you're of the mindset that ''if you want something done properly, do it yourself'' Well, yeah..that's me. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, and taking your hands off, cuddle up under the duvet and nurse that flu or whatever illness you might be battling, and let our husbands hold the forth

So, back to holding him down..Aside from doing the physi…

Let's talk Cravings

Every Pregnant woman has her own weird cravings, and totally different to the next Mom to be. I sure had mine...and it was extra extra spicy food, Mcdonalds breakfast, Ice, super chilled orange juice. Our taste buds just decide what they like and can't stand...its incredible, this thing called pregnancy,

Digressing a little: I remember having to get rid of all my scented candles, and diffusers that i have always been obsessed with... but couldn't stand the smell anymore, Even after getting rid of them during my first trimester, the smell lingered for months.. Being pregnant leaves you at the mercy of your taste buds and heightened sense of smell ...

Visit: for more information on cravings and Aversions

Leave your comments below, and share your craving and Aversion experiences with me and other Moms.

Welcome to Stella's Blog

Hello!! Amazing, Tenacious, Beautiful, Strong, Wives and Moms. Welcome to my Blog.  You can also follow me on Instagram @wives.mommas and facebook,@ Wives and Mommas My name is Stella, Analyst, Wife to a King, Mom of one to our adorable little snookums, in whom we’re well pleased..C’mmon ladies, let’s talk about doing and being all……

Help! Toilet Fingers!

Once they find their feet, (not the "I'm having my diaper change feet in the mouth stage..No,) I mean walking/running... suddenly they think they are Usain Bolt juniors...My son takes off in nano seconds, its shocking.. he's favourite discovery? My toilet.. Yucky right?! He sticks he's fingers in the toilet, with so much amusement on his
Its a very common phase with little ones, It's one of the few moments the house is silent.. the minute i realise he's gone? You don't have to tell me twice., my Usain Bolt kicks in hard!. Guess what he tells me once I find him? He's tiny finger in the air and him shaking his head, saying " No no no" 
Ps. Moms? Watch out for the sudocrem cleansing...Yes! i call it cleansing, because it goes everywhere- face,mouth,fingers, hair, carpet, beddings, and their favourite? the TV..!   Be afraid, be very afraid!. i don't have to mention it... the picture says it all..But here you go- Baby Proof …

Wake up Momma!

Okay…so my son some times co sleeps on our bed, and I’m always aware when ever he moves, or wakes up…, I pretend I’m  asleep, so he tries to wake me up…bless him . First he kisses my nose, I don’t move, then my lips, I still don’t move, then he kisses my eyes(very sloppy), yet nothing, at this point he is getting fed up, and has a very questionable stern look… then the painful part starts, I get a scratch on the face(no preference this time) I still don’t make a sound, finally he goes in for the kill… Hair yanking!!! Bulls eye! It hurts!! The rest they say is history. He finds it extremely funny, and giggles so hard he drops himself on the bed …lol, love it…makes the hair yanking all worth it. During your pregnancy stages, they say sleep as much as you can when you feel tired, even if you’re not sleepy, just rest your head. Once your little one graces you with he’s/her presence, sleep becomes a luxury.. Share your attention seeking stories and experience of your little one SHARE THIS…